Motor Maniacs
 Go-kart game - 9 weeks full time
 Modeling/Texturing two karts with characters. Rigging and animation. UI design. VFX.
High Doom
 First person shooter - 10 weeks half time
 Main character and one enemy texturing modelling rigging.
Hat n' Slash
3D - Hack and slash - 10 weeks half time
Modelling, Rigging and Animation, Shaders for UI and UI Design 
Decaying Orbit
3D - Space shooter - 10 weeks half time
Modelling assets. Shaders for UI.
2D - Turn based strategy - 8 weeks half time
Modeling 2 characters, animation, environment art. Pipeline for sprite based animations from Maya. VFX.
Shots for the Dead
2D - Shoot em up - 8 weeks half time
Character / monster design. Animation including pipeline. UI design. VFX.
Azar the Troublemaker
2D - Point and click - 8 weeks half time
Character modelling and animation. Some assets.
Settlers of Hozanek
2D - Text Adventure - 8 weeks half time
Digital artwork 2 scenes and inventory. Java-Script to export layers as images and size and positions as assets from Photoshop to XML to be handled by motor.

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