Camera Movement Prototype
Right now I'm working on a prototype in Unity for camera movement. It's a script controlling the camera based on 3 players positions and some properties that modifies how smooth the camera is going to be.
I find prototyping to be a fast way to prove an idea before implementing it into our own engine. 

Objects in scene

Camera movement in action and various settings to adjust

Caustic Pattern
One of out levels are planned to be under water so we will need to have a caustic pattern to use as a cookie for a spotlight and for the water shader.

Substance Designer Graph for Caustics

Resulting texture

SSS Shader
We need a subsurface scattering shader to illustrate the jello-ness of our characters. I would prefer to use the deferred rendering pipeline for this so it this is somewhat hackish. We will se it this would look ok in the game further down the road.

A simplified SSS shader that uses one hardcoded "light". Works with deferred; adds to the emissive pass. 

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